The only organisation to supply the HADS accreditation for the French Ministry of Health
A HADS accreditation (Hébergement Agréé de Données de Santé - Approved Hosting of Health Information) is obligatory for any hosting of personal health information

The hosting of personal health information has to correspond to a dedicated legal and regulatory framework and made subject to special provisions identified in decree no. 2006-6 of 4 January 2006 and in Article L. 1111-8 of the French Public Health Code stemming from law no. 2002-303 of 4 March 2002. 

COREYE obtained the accreditation for hosting health information in January 2013, which was renewed in 2017, and offers the Silver Health solution for all key players in the health sector needing to host personal information.

With Silver Health, COREYE has implemented a security system across the entirety of the client project’s life cycle, from the construction phase to the reversibility phase. This security system takes into account the specific features of the health profession, and, in particular, of personal health information. It covers physical, logistical and human risks. The implementation of centralised log management in order to detect any criminal intrusion to the health information servers is a key element in the security enforced by the ASIP.

COREYE has implemented a specific technological solution to respond to this obligation.

COREYE has also chosen a solution to definitively erase information on disc via a low-level irrecoverable erasure of the information.